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Mackie SRM450v2 Review

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This Mackie SRM450v2 Review came straight from the location where we set up two of the Mackie SRM450v2 as floor monitors.

Recently we were asked to set up a monitoring line for one of our regular clients. The band that is working at the venue spent ages singing karaokes on the stage and a single speaker monitor was not sufficient anymore to here their own voices. We did look some possible speakers and since we already did have some experience with Mackie speakers we thought we look something from there. Our choice eventually landed on Mackie SRM450v2 speaker and we though that a pair of those would be good enough. Price was right, so we grabbed them and finally end up making this Mackie SRM450v2 review.

Mackie SRM450v2 Review – Overview

According to the picture on the box,Mackie SRM450v2 speakers are design to be used as monitors, as PA on the stands or hanged from ceilings. The package we received included only speaker, manual and the power cable. So if you are planning to hang them or put them on stands, additional accessories will be required.

Mackie SRM450v2 are powered(or active or self powered) speakers and to run them no amplifier is required(it is built in). Back panel provides few simple controls and access to connectors.

Mackie SRM450v2 review back panel
Mackie SRM450v2 review back panel

From the left, we have power features like timed on and off switch, thermal indicator and main on off switch. Timed turnoff switch shuts off the power of the speaker if no signal applied to input past predefined amount of time. Further we have contour and low cut switches. Counter raises high and low frequencis and makes sound “punchy”, while low rolls off low frequency below 75hz. Finally,  at the right there are XLR input and through, main level control and two diodes above indicate the presence of the signal and peaks. Please note that Mackie SR450v2 do not have any built in EQ.

 Mackie SR450v2 review – Some Tests.

So, When we connected those speakers, we decided to run a test and hear how they sound and also measure how loud they can get before distortion occurs. As per our perception, looks like sound was clear until up to 115db. That’s were it started to distort.  So, not bad.

We did not have any eq connected in between speakers and the board, so we where able to hear pretty much a line signal. We believe that the sound was clear, a bit crispy and loud. Only lack was on a low end, but since we are using them as monitors, it works for us. I would say if used as PA, it may be a good idea to throw a sub woofer into the equation.

 Mackie SR450v2 review – Conclusion.

Overall, not a bad value for a price. Client was happya and we assume that operating Makie SR450v2 was not that hard, since nobody called us back. We did see number of negative reviews about durability of those speakers, and in our experience, they are pretty strong build and can take quiet an abuse.

So this is it so far forMackie SRM450v2 review. If you have questions, please let us know and we try our best to answer them. Also, if you didn’t see our video on Mackie SRM450v2 review, you should.




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