LED lights vs Conventional Lights

LED Lights Vs. Conventional lights

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Eventually we end up getting more video gigs. The sound recording alone is not sufficient now days. More often we get requests to record a live concert or even studio session to post it on YOUTUBE now days. Video is fun, but soon we figured out that there is never “too much lights” or I should say lot of light is required to get a nice footage. We did not  want to spend much resources to buy expensive lights, after all we are audio guys, so our choice ended up on “brand less” LED lights. We ordered one from a US supplier.

After playing with for a while, we decided to compare it with a conventional light, that is in about the same price range.

We decided to compare our LED light with conventional light “Par 64”. There are in a close price range and “Par64” is pretty much an industry standard for conventional lighting.

Below is a comparison chart. We not claiming that it’s all accurate, since we tested it in our studio with regular tools we have.

Conventional LED
Dual Use (Cooking) Yes No
Noise Quiet Loud
Power Consumption 750W 180W
Remote Controlable No Yes
Color changing No Yes
Lamp Life 1500-2000 hours 100000 hours
Price (as of 2014) $180 $140
Luminance at 10 feet 5,500 Lux (7,372 Lumen) 2,800 Lux ( 3,753 Lumen )

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  1. What is the brand of the LED? I saw the supplier but when looking on their website I didn’t know which one it was.

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