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Behringer XM8500 vs shure SM58 – comparative review. It was more like a fun for us to try this microphone. If you check out Behringer’s website, you will find a picture of XM8500 that looks very similar to legendary Shure sm58 microphone. We went online to check the price and found that average price for this microphone(XM8500) with shipping is  in $20- $24,99 price range. We decided to give it a shot.

The  XM8500 microphone came in a  nice plastic case. We were little disappointed with the look. One that we had received has dark color, and with that color it wouldn’t resemble Shure sm58 the way it is shown on Behringer’s website. However, since we got it anyway, we decided to plug it in and turn the video camera on. You may check our mini comparison video review with sound examples bellow this article.


We have to admit that for a price, it’s pretty good deal and with some tricks and eq-ing it is possible to get a decent sound. On YouTube we saw lot of beatboxers using this microphone and I can see why. Once you watch our mini video review, you will here yourself a hyped bottom that Behringer Xm8500 has .
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P.S. We are not claiming that Behringer Xm8500 and Shure sm58 should be compared as microphones from same class, however visual similarity on Behringer’s website  made us think that  the company (Behringer) tried to mimic the legendary Shure sm58.

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If you have suggestions, questions or complains, Please write a comment below.


  1. Hi, I’ve been working with sounds emitted by the animals, so, I was wondering to use this type of microphone to record this type of sounds. In addition, I’ve been studying about different types of microphone and I found that the cardioic microphone sound great for what I need to do: I need to avoid background sounds and just record sounds emitted by the animals.
    So, I would like to know, if possible for me to use this microphone connected to a computer? If possible I’m going to buy for my experiment.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. This mic would be easy to connect to a computer since it does not require phantom power. Just want to warn you, this mic will work its best if you planning to use it for close miking applications, meaning that source of the sound would be within hand’s reach.

  2. [..YouTube..] I’ve used the Shure SM58 for over 30 years, and started using the Behringer XM8500 a couple years ago. I am blown away by the XM8500 mic’s presence and cheap price tag! I did a live mic test for an audience – singing through each mic – most people were neutral on either the SM58 and the XM8500 – but I had some avid music listeners prefer the Behringer! Just a fantastic microphone!

  3. Wow! This blog looks strictly like my old identical! It’s on a completely different enthral but it has pretty much the anyhow verso layout and design. Superlative select of colors!

  4. [..YouTube..] is the behringer wireless?….can it be used for dj-ing?….can i hook it up directly in the back of powered speakaers?….can i use it as a microphone while playing music as a dj?……can people at paraties or events use it great for speeches through speakesr that i am using for djing?…..?….

  5. [..YouTube..] @DjBobbyLosAngeles It is not wireless, You can plug it into the powered speaker but there is no guaranty that it will sound its best. Is it great for speakers you are using? Sure if you use great speakers.

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