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Review for ART DPS II Tube Preamp. ART’s DPS II mic preamp has much in common with the ART Digital MPA that I reviewed recently insomuch as it is a dual-channel tube mic preamp with variable impedance, adjustable tube ‘flavouring’, and an in-built analogue-to-digital converter, but it is different in several key areas. Immediately noticeable is its 1U format, but its 96kHz upper sample-rate limit is also lower than that of its big brother — the Digital MPA goes up to 192kHz — and its tube stage has been configured to offer presets for various types of sound enhancement using a system ART refer to as V3 or Variable Valve Voicing. Amazing, isn’t it, that the only time an American company uses the British word for valve is when it happens to conveniently start with the right letter to make up a catchy trademark?

part 1.

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part 2.

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  1. [..YouTube..] Thank you so much for this review man.
    you can really hear the difference in the guitar track with the preamp. What is the preamp plugged into though? How are you getting the sound into the computer.

  2. [..YouTube..] We bought this unit mainly for it’s digital output, but you may also connect the analog output from this unit into analog input (line input) on you soundcard.

    If you are not interested transfering digital signals, there is an identical art tps II model without digital interface. We dont own one, but the specifications looks simmilar, and the price is lower as well.

  3. [..YouTube..] Hello, is it(he,she) better the converters of the art dps 2 that the converters of the digi 001?, bony(osseous) … it(he,she) would obtain mas quality using the converters of the art opposite to those of the digi?

  4. [..YouTube..] It is hard to say. We don’t have Digi 001. We do have Digi 002 but had not compared the sound of converters without tube circuit. But comparing to M-audio 1010LT it sound cleaner, more transparent., but not much different from rack version of M-audio 1010.

  5. [..YouTube..] what is the synths that you are employing at the beginning, there? Its sounds like 2 distinct sounds…one lead and one pad.

  6. [..YouTube..] como lo uso en el digi002 rack de pro tools? como insert? a fuerza tengo que conectar los micros al ART o en el digi002 rack? Gracias

  7. [..YouTube..] @CreativeMusicians – thanks for clarifying that for me. How about the secondary synth tone, playing at the same time….the one that sounds like a pulsing, arpeggio effect? Thanks again

  8. [..YouTube..] @CreativeMusicians – Oh no, I am referring to the 2 synth sounds from the beginning of the video to around 0:21. sounds like 2 synth pads, one of which is pulsating. thanks

  9. [..YouTube..] cool did you think that this unit could done good result on heavy guitar disto/lead etc and does you know the art tps or tps2, and maybe compare with your dsp. for stock factoy preset it sound sweat

  10. [..YouTube..] @julienvervaecke It is hard to say, depends on personal taste.To me it sounds pretty good with heavy guitar. Ads a little high edge with guitar preset. Otherwise you can play with other presets. Another thing. It may sound different with different tube. I use external overdrive. Haven’t try to use ART as distortion. I hope it helps.

  11. [..YouTube..] Nice review!!!!…I was wondering if you can help me out mate??I just want to ask a couple of questions…..what tube i can buy to replace the tube inside “ART Pro TPS II Tube Mic Preamp V3”??????,,,Coz Im thinking of replacing it with “MESA BOOGIE 12AX7 Tube”…would this fit inside??/ it compatible with this unit ????thanks…hoping to hear back from U… =)

  12. [..YouTube..] @Kufawtom.Correction: I mean replacing it with “Avalon Spare Tube Kit For VT-700 Series”..not 12AX&”..haha..i was thinking about the tube inside it..

  13. [..YouTube..] Not a good idea. They are wired different, therefore 6922 (The Avalon kit) heater will not be working and you will ruin the tube very quickly. In order to make it work, you have to rewire the socket. It wouldn’t be practical in this case. Mesaboogie 12ax7 will work there and can give you different tone depending on the last two letters followed “12ax7”

  14. [..YouTube..] Change the tube for better tone? The ART DPS II is a starved-plate design. It’s basically a cheap solid-state preamp with a “tube” ran for distortion effect in the output (and this “tube” isn’t even running at high-voltage. It runs at around 45volts, which doesn’t even push the tube at all). Changing the tube isn’t going to affect the tone in the slightest.

    Just saying. 🙂

  15. [..YouTube..] @TheAnastasia34 It is not necessary. Some people do this to achieve specific sound in the studio settings, as for DJ set up, the stock tube should work just fine.

  16. [..YouTube..] @VerseIsStyle Any of these will work, but by connecting it directly to the Studio Pod you will lower the chances of extra artifacts in the sound due to “shorter” signal path. On the other hand it depends how you use your USB mixer. As far as I know, most of the DAW software can not work simultaneously with two different types of interfaces. You can insert this preamp in any part of the signal chain. It depends what do you want to achieve by doing it.

  17. [..YouTube..] @CreativeMusicians oh i see; well how will i be able to plug this to my computer via usb? and i also saw there are no headphone input so i’m guessing i would need to buy a mixer too?

  18. [..YouTube..] @VerseIsStyle You don’t need to plug the preamp into USB. You have the studio pod, so that’s what goes into USB. You plug your microphenes into ART, than ART out connects with Studio Pot in. If you need more than two input channels, than you need a mixer.

  19. [..YouTube..] @CreativeMusicians thanks for all yur time&help. i have one mic (AKG Perception 420) & i wanted to have nice quality by using a mic preamp like this one but i wanna kno how you connect it to yur computer like you did.

  20. [..YouTube..] Thanks for the review! i’m considering buying this one for my mic and guitar before hooking it into my maudio delta 1010

  21. [..YouTube..] Okay, so I’m new to recording. I like to do small time stuff since lo-fi recording is my sort of thing. Anyways, I have an amp that is played right into a Shure 57 or whatever. I have that going right into a TASCAM DP-02, but I’m thinking that I’ll need a mic preamp? Would this work to be the middleman or whatever?

  22. [..YouTube..] @DigitalDogParty Yes, more like a middleman. You already have mic preamps in DP-2. Adding DPS II between the mic and dp-02 might not do much, but can add a little warmth to recorded track.

  23. [..YouTube..] could this unit smooth out an oversaturated rig that im currently using at the moment? when i turn up my mesa boogie dual recti past 5 when im gigging, it starts to get too crunchy and trebly sounding, and i was wondering if this would smooth it over and give me a nicer lead and rythm tone.

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