1. Hello
    I enjoyed your exhaustive review of the X32. I was about to pull the trigger on a Presonus SL32.8.2 but wow what a change in Behringer. I kept looking around to see who they stole the design from but it is in a class unto itself.

    I would like to know more about the background of you, the reviewer of the X32 and all those videos. I remember your video about the Behringer XM8500 mic and I could tell you were no fan. So the X32 must have impressed you a great deal.

    How would you rank it against the Presonus, Yamaha LS9, Allen & Heath iLive and the Roland?

    Thanks again for your site. Your videos of the X32 are better than Behringers own.

    Glenn Adams
    Lebanon, Pa. USA

    1. Hi Glenn. I had my hands on the X32 at the Guitar Center and also at the Behringer warehouse in Las Vegas…what a delight being in the “sound sanctuary room” (that’s how I call it) at Behringer with these great mixers including the $250K or so Midas XL8. Just a great experience and Behringer people were friendly and helpful.

      Anyhow here’s a video where you can see a comparison between X32, Soundcraft SI expression, PreSonus Studio Live 24-4-2 and Roland m200i.


      In my humble opinion X32, quality, features, price and warranty is hard to beat as of now. Watch the video and take it from there. Good luck. Constantin

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